What is Kickstarter, anyways?

We’ve been talking a lot about Kickstarter for the past few days, because our project Lullabies from the Heart with Robert Robinson is launching a Kickstarter in JUST 2 DAYS!

Kickstarter is a way for fans to connect directly with the projects that are interesting to them. By pledging, individuals can help creative projects get off the ground in exchange for early releases, final copies of the project and extra incentives offered only to those who pledge.

All you have to do is become a “backer” with Kickstarter, and you can fund creative projects from all over the world. You can choose what level you want to give at, and each level has a special gift of gratitude.

After you pledge, share it with your world! Tell everyone you know about the project you believe in, because if we don’t reach our $20,000 goal on Kickstarter.com, we don’t get any of the money that is pledged to us, and you don’t get any of the fabulous incentives you were promised.

Kickstarter is all about crowd-sourced funding, where people from different parts of life all come together to make someone’s dream become possible.

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