The Kickstarter is Here

Our Kickstarter campaign has launched and we now have only 24 days to raise $22,000 in order to pay these artists for the amazing work they have done.

Kickstarter is Here!

Help Robert make his dream of reaching out to each and every person and embracing them with his music. With a gift of just $35 you can become part of the team and reserve your copy of the album.

But we need your help with more than just the money. We need you to share this with the people you love, your friends, your co-workers, and even people you don’t know. Everyone feels sad and lonely at times, but this album can empower people and offer strength through music.

Watch the Kickstarter Video to learn more:

“By supporting this, you are sharing a lullaby with someone in the world whose spirit needs to be calmed and whose heart needs to be lifted.”

– Robert Robinson

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