The Story of a Grandchild

Lullabies from the Heart was inspired by many different stories and people who were given strength and comfort through music.  This is one of their stories:

I got the call from my father. “She’s not gonna make it through the night. You better get over here.” So, I made a CD of my grandmother’s favorite song and rushed over to the hospital.

When I got there, she was quickly fading but she opened her eyes right when I walked through the door. I put the CD in the player, and as soon as the music started playing I watched as peace, comfort and relief fell over my grandmother, radiating to everyone in the room.
The Story of a GrandchildThere we were – all of us – holding hands and listening to the music.



I saw a smile flash across my grandmother’s face.  She opened her eyes wide, took one last breath and started her journey home.

The music soothed her. It lifted her spirits and gave her the strength she needed to let go. I watched my grandmother be lulled, and it was beautiful, and I know she went in peace.

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