This lullaby project was conceived by Rafael Forbush, Owner of Lev Productions, who has been Robert Robinson’s colleague and fan for many years.  Rafael saw a mother’s online plea for help in soothing her child to sleep.  She got a number of suggestions, including a back rub, checking for monsters under the bed, and even giving her child a sleeping pill!


For Rafael, the answer was obvious: MUSIC!  And who better for bringing that soothing music than Robert Robinson, who the Minneapolis Star Tribune once referred to as “God’s Canary.”  With 13 prior albums, Robert is a cornerstone of the regional gospel community, and a Twin Cities music icon.


Coming October 8th 2013 , Lullabies from the Heart with Robert Robinson expands the traditional “lullaby” definition to include songs with a universal message of love and comfort that are appropriate from the nursery to the nursing home and everywhere in between.  Children and adults alike will be consoled and uplifted by Robert’s voice caressing these special songs.

Lullabies From the Heart with Robert Robinson will be recorded at MasterMix Studio in downtown Minneapolis at the Institute of Production and Recording. Using state-of-the-art and cutting edge music recording technology is a must when working with Robert; in order to properly capture all of the rich moans, hums, and whispers to every large, full and majestic sound  that comes from Robert’s voice. Our talented team knows just how to harness those very sounds.  They all are fans of Robert and want to help spread Robert’s message of comfort through this album.

Scott “Scooter” Nelson, of Creative Music Services, will arrange, produce, and mix the album.  Scooter has won countless awards for his prior work in sound engineering and music production, and is a professor at the Minneapolis Institute of Production and Recording

Robert and Scooter in the studio

Sean Turner will assist with music arrangements.  Sean is a talented and prolific Twin Cities artist, whose compositions and orchestrations have been utilized by Delta Airlines, Sony, Oprah, E! Entertainment, the Discovery Channel, and many others.  This dynamic production duo will create innovative interpretations of your favorite classics and share an original song or two!

Please help us share this lullaby message of love and comfort by visiting our DONATE Page to learn more about how you can get involved with our project. Some wonderful investors have helped to get things started, which has permitted the team to make much progress, including selecting and arranging the songs, working in the studio, and marketing the album.  However, this project cannot continue without Kickstarter funding to pay for expenses like the remaining studio time, post-production, packaging, and music rights.