It’s More Than an Album

This team came together with one goal in mind: to reach out across America and change people’s lives with Robert Robinson’s music. That’s why Lullabies from the Heart with Robert Robinson is an experience.

Willis_Strength Through Music

Music can lift your mood. It can turn your day around. It can even lull you away into a peaceful place where there aren’t any smartphones or stresses. No matter what you need, you can find strength through music.

Lullabies from the Heart with Robert Robinson has a song for every moment. From favorites you know to a few originals, these songs will blow you away. And that’s just the music.

You can’t forget the passion and emotion that Robert puts into every song that he sings.

So, help spread this message of love and comfort to your friends and loved ones. Because even from miles away, this music will embrace every person who needs it.

Join the Lullabies from the Heart Kickstarter – Coming September 5th, 2013


The day is almost here. On September 5th, you will be able to join with Robert Robinson as he sets out to soothe souls across America with 10 songs that he has called lullabies from his heart. But these aren’t your average lullabies.

To Robert, a lullaby is anything that can bring a sense of peace or calm to the listener. Who says that babies are the only ones who need relaxing music?

Lullabies from the heart with Robert Robinson Kickstarter launch on September 5th

25 Days. $20,000. 10 songs. 1 Dream.

We live in a world that demands more and more of us each day, leaving many of us feeling exhausted, anxious, or just plain overwhelmed. This album will be a much-needed break from the chaos, offering rest to each and every person it touches.

By joining the Kickstarter team, you will receive gifts of gratitude: everything from signed photographs, a phone call from Robert, tickets to the CD release concert and copies of the album. Most importantly, you will become part of the movement that helps bring this message to the world.

Follow us to get regular updates about the project, and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter page on September 5th!

~*~ Strength Through Music ~*~